Christian Broughton

Editor, The Independent

Embracing a sustainable digital future after closing down the print edition, expanding their reach and coverage… and keeping their commitment to be Independent

5th April 2018

Christian Broughton is Editor of The Independent. After spending much of his career at the ‘Indy’ and the i newspaper, he became Digital Editor in 2012, and launched the award-winning indy100 website. In 2016, when Evgeny Lebedev famously closed the print edition, he took over as Editor, taking their reach to a peak of 120 million, and 6 million daily readers. In this in-depth interview, he discusses his efforts to take full advantage of the opportunities digital presents, while maintaining their long-held values and brand strength; shares details of his commitment to more foreign bureaux and specialist reporters, and their ‘InFact’ unit tackling fake news; talks through the challenges of expanding the business in a commercially sustainable way, their relationship with twitter, facebook and google; and tackles critics who accuse the site of chasing clicks at any cost.