Sarah Sands

Editor, Today, BBC Radio 4

Leaving the Evening Standard to lead the BBC’s flagship news programme – with changes made, and further changes to come… and the problem of the BBC’s gender pay gap

15th March 2018

Sarah Sands is Editor of Today, the BBC’s flagship news programme. In this in-depth interview, she shares how her appointment surprised many after a long career in print, the changes she has already made to the show and her plans for its future direction; reflects on life in the Editor’s chair at the London Evening Standard, where she stands by her former paper’s support for Zac Goldsmith – though conceding he “would’ve been terrible” as London’s Mayor; discusses the BBC gender pay gap problem and her efforts to get more female voices on the show; and given that for the first time in the BBC’s history it’s likely the next Director General will be a woman… she reveals whether she wants the top job.