Rosie Nixon

Editor-in-Chief, HELLO!

Life in the Editor’s chair at an iconic magazine brand, working with the world’s most famous names… and growing readership in a fiercely competitive market

12th April 2018

Rosie Nixon has been at HELLO! magazine for over a decade, appointed joint Editor in 2008 and promoted to Editor-in-Chief in 2016. Under her leadership, the magazine has recorded the largest-ever increase in reach, with a weekly print readership of 900,000 and over 2 million online. In this in-depth interview, she reveals how the iconic magazine is put together, with its unique mix of celebrity, royalty, and red carpet paired with fashion, beauty and lifestyle – deliberately positive, warm and upbeat in tone; shares how she has built personal relationships with some of the world’s most famous names – and the edge this gives the brand in her growth strategy for the hugely competitive digital space, with celebrity coverage websites battling for millions of clicks; talks about her two recent novels and her plans to write further books; and divulges the meticulous level of planning involved in the forthcoming royal wedding.