Louisa Compton

Editor, 'Victoria Derbyshire', BBC News

Moving a successful radio partnership into television, driving the news agenda with unique and distinctive journalism… and her joy at winning a BAFTA

9th November 2017

Louisa Compton is Editor of ‘Victoria Derbyshire’ on BBC2. In this in-depth interview she discusses her long career in BBC Radio, her strong working relationship with Victoria, and their joint move from 5 Live into TV; takes us behind the scenes on the show, creating a unique mix of original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debates, and overlooked regional/world journalism; the emerging importance of social media as a platform in its own right, and how their success is measured on traditional TV viewing figures, but also on impact, iPlayer, and social media metrics; her pride in the show often driving the day’s news agenda, with clips regularly used in major news bulletins; and her joy at her team’s recent BAFTA win.