Katya Adler

Europe Editor, BBC

In the thick of Europe’s most turbulent time in a generation… and what’s really happening behind the scenes with Brexit.

1st March 2018

A 20-year BBC veteran and respected war correspondent, Katya Adler is still covering ferocious conflict – this time with Brexit. Appointed Europe Editor in 2015 – arriving in Brussels with reservations that her new beat would be dull and uneventful – she instead found herself reporting on Europe’s most turbulent time since the Second World War: the Greek economic collapse, the Migrant Crisis, and the rise of populism. In this in-depth interview, she laments an increasing propensity for European leaders to refuse to go on the record; tackles critics from all sides who accuse her of bias; outlines her personal take on Brexit negotiations, and the likely result; and how speaking five languages is her secret weapon for getting her sources to open up.