Farrah Storr

Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan UK

Reinventing Britain’s most widely-read women’s magazine – including how they write about sex; the media’s responsibility on body image issues …and who today’s ‘Cosmo woman’ actually is.

14th December 2017

Farrah Storr is Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan UK, Britain’s most widely-read women’s magazine, with an online reach of over ten million regular readers. Named on The Guardian’s 2017 list of Britain’s most powerful people, in this in-depth interview she describes how the iconic media brand is facing the digital challenge, who today’s ‘Cosmo woman’ actually is, and why she had to reinvent the way they write about sex; discusses why she is passionate about improving diversity in the creative industries, the use of plus-sized models and the media’s responsibility on body image issues; argues there is a strong future for traditional glossy monthly women’s magazines, defending them as a force for good which empower women; and shares how Cosmopolitan Housing is providing homes for young women looking to start their careers in London.